ben jacob | Skills

Graphic Design​


​Graphic design encompasses many mediums, both printed and digital. For me graphic design is the science of understanding a clients visual needs and creating designs that are consistent in order to communicate to a specific market.​


My 20 yeas of experience encompasses all forms of print and digital design communication, including:

Flyers | Brochures | Corporate Identity Design | Business cards | Letterheads | Email Signatures | Brand Style Guides | Magazine Design | Annual Reports | Signage | Interactive PDF | Digital Presentations 

Branding and Logo Design​


A logo is an important part of any brand. It is your mascot, it is what will stand you out from the rest of the pack.

With your logo, your brand or organisation’s personality is reflected to the world and it will be used as a symbol of your product and all your communications.


Before you launch your company or business, you need to create a professional and strong logo, which in turn will then be developed to flow through to all your other pieces of marketing media. Business cards, letterheads, websites, brochures, presentations etc. For me, a good logo is often simple, and should be created to adapt to different situations and different media formats.


I always like to recommend a simple but strong colour scheme, a simple use of typefaces, and depending on your brand and its target, a good logo should outlast any trends.

Web and Digital Design​


Today every business and organisation has a digital  presence. Websites have been around for over 15 years and with todays technology there are many options for affordable and creatively developed websites.


With my experience with both large and small businesses I have the knowledge to design a site for you based on your current branding, or we can create you a web presence from scratch after understanding your specific needs.



Having studied photography and with a designer's eye for understanding how to capture a good image, I have used my skills of photography with many of my clients' design projects.

For many of my corporate clients depending on their needs, I have been both the photographer and the designer when creating corporate brochures and annual reports, as well as corporate portraiture.

As well, I successfully set up a boutique wedding photography business in Australia, which incorporated the pure use of natural photojournalism to capture these important moments. Using my design skills we would then produce high end individually designed wedding albums, matching any other products on the market.